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Every woman prays to date or marry a perfect man. Well, the so called perfect man means different things to many different women. But the general acceptable meaning of a perfect man to every woman is a man who can take care of them just the way they want. A man who they can find comfort in. Two of those qualities of the so called perfect man is honesty and faithfulness. Read more

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Some women struggle to believe a single word from their husbands or boyfriends even when it is obvious that they are saying the truth. This is because, they don’t trust them. Therefore, I have explained the signs you will notice in your husband or boyfriend if he is honest and faithful.

1. He doesn’t get tempted to engage in romance or romantic affair outside your relationship or marriage because he excludes himself from where he may be tempted to do so.

If your husband or boyfriend is wise, he will never fall for this kind of temptation. This means that he is faithful to you.

A faithful man doesn’t allow himself to be tempted to engage in a romantic affair outside his relationship or marriage. In a situation where he is tempted to do so, he will never give in to it.

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2. He doesn’t feel anxious or tresses out when his phone rings for call or beeps for text messages or notification.

Your husband or boyfriend is faithful and honest to you if he doesn’t get scared up when his phone rings for call or text messages. He feels very comfortable to take the phone to know who the caller is or what the text message is all about whether or not you are around him.

3. He doesn’t hide to take his calls or read his text messages.



A faithful husband or boyfriend will boldly pick up his phone or read his text messages before his wife or girlfriend without any sign of anxiety.

4. He doesn’t hide any secret from you.

A faithful husband or boyfriend doesn’t have anything to hide from his wife or girlfriend. He is always open to her.

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5. He set boundaries with his female friends and he doesn’t go past the boundaries. They also respect these boundaries as he respects theirs.

6. His morals are completely good.

A faithful husband or boyfriend has good morals. He respects his wife or girlfriend and treats her like a queen. If this is your husband or boyfriend, you have every reason to rejoice.

7. He can do anything for you, irrespective of the location.

8.A faithful man is proud of his wife or girlfriend. He doesn’t shy away if his wife or girlfriend needs his attention, whether in private or 8. He survives a long distance relationship or marriage.

Long distance relationship or marriage can never separate you from your boyfriend or husband if he is faithful and honest with you. He has a way of keeping you connected to him when you are away.

9. He compliments you in public.

A faithful husband or boyfriend is proud of his wife or girlfriend. He loves you so much that he doesn’t stop complimenting you even in public. He is not shy to say that he loves you or that you look pretty in public.

10. He doesn’t take you for granted.

He respects and values you. He understands that you mean a lot to him. He can never take you for granted no matter what happens. If this is your husband or boyfriend, you are lucky.

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11. His family members know you and they are proud of him for having you. They are also proud of you, including him.

If all these can be found in your husband or boyfriend, he is faithful and honest with you. Enjoy your man. Click here to read more >>>>



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