Urinating is an important process in the human body that helps to remove harmful toxins from our system it also helps to provide relief and comfort. In a human body, normal urination occurs when the brain signals the bladder muscles to tighten up which helps to squeeze out urine from the bladder. At the same instance, the brain signals the sphincter muscles to relax and let the urine coming out of the bladder exit through the urethra.

Digitized Illustration Of The Human Urinary System

However, the urinary system can experience disorders and can malfunction as a result of certain factors that have negative effects on the body. Most times these defects come with certain symptoms we need to look out for.

One of the signs of urinary system malfunction is known as a split urine stream. This is said to have occurred when in the process of urinating, the urine splits into two different directions instead of being unidirectional. This is a condition that is most common with men but can also affect women.

This condition should not be treated carelessly because it could be a sign of serious medical conditions that needs immediate medical attention. So if you have been experiencing split urine, below are some of the probable causes;

1. Urethral stricture: This is a narrowing of the urethra which occurs as a result of long-term scar tissues and inflammation caused by sexually transmitted diseases or injury. It could also be as a result of surgical procedures e.g placement of the catheter and so on.

2. Enlarged prostate: This condition is very common in men as they begin to get older. This comes with other symptoms like pain during urination, dribbling, urinary incontinence and so on.

3. Urethral polyps: This is one of the major causes of split urine in women. Pops are tiny benign growths in the urethra. Some other signs that come with polyps are bloodstains in the urine, lumps on the vulva.



4. Adhesion: This is a non-fatal cause of split urine although it is one of the most common causes. This happens when the edge of the urethra gets stuck together as a result of dry ejaculation that doesn’t fully exit the urethra causing the edges of the pipes to glue together.

5. Meatal stenosis: This condition is often linked to circumcision. This is a condition where the opening of the tip of the male organ becomes partially blocked. This condition is rare with boys and men who haven’t been circumcised.



6. Phimosis: This happens to men who have extremely tight foreskins known as phimosis. This problem can cause split urine, pains and infections.

You must visit a medical professional to address the specific cause of split urine if the symptoms are severe. However knowing that your diet plays a very huge role in the general health of your system and bladder, I have made a list of foods that are great for the bladder below;

1. Oatmeal

2. Turkey

3. Chicken

4. Fish

5. Pork

6. Nuts

7. Egg

Always ensure that you maintain a hygienic and clean lifestyle.

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Source: Healthline



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