[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FUTURE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY: CENTIIV COIN
Unlike what it was five years ago, the awareness about digital currency has tremendously grown across the world .
Beyond awareness, digital currency enthusiasts are continually faced with issues outside the digital space part of which is spendability. In other words, the users of digital currency strive to put their digital currency to use in real life.
As of 2019-2021(when covid-19 striked) it is estimated that over 18,000 businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments, although this is a landable move, it does not really save.
So now lets talk about the main deal here CENTIIV COIN,  i did a review and also all what you need to know about this coin you can check it out here. So the main purpose of this blog post is to give a review of what the future holds for CENTIIV TOKEN ($CNT) or what future CENTIIV it holds for its users.
So first of all lets talk about the security, just when the market is beginning to recover, a friend’s wallet got hacked a week ago with all his crypto assets and investments wiped out. A lot of us got into this crypto space with the high hope of making money and possibly build  generational wealth out of it. but what happens if one day you wake up  to discover your wallet has been hacked. I know you would be like “STOP IT, GOD FORBID” crypto or no crypto, sad, unplanned occurrences we do not pray for are bound to happen. So what I’m trying to say here is that centiiv has it own wallet called CENTIIV PAY which is currently being developed with the “Insurance” feature which is a dire for individuals in the crypto space. Here, you can run your daily transactions or seamless transfers of funds accross Africa, it also allows you earn passively.
Secondly, we should be talking about CENTIIV USE CASES:
1. Centiiv Lend: this is a platform where loans will be provided to users by usin the $CNT token as a colleteral.
2. Centiivest: this is the platform that would allow the community to invest in selected business ventures in various sectors such as Agriculture, Oil and gas and so on. Click here to read more about CENTIIV COMMUNITY.
3 Centiiv Lab: this would be an innovative lab where young minds in the lead space would be groomed to build products not just for Africans but as well as for global consumption.This is intended to be a reality show involving industry leaders
I would like to stop here for now and I would be glad if you bookmark this tab and also press the notification bell ? left below your android screen to get notifications and updates about Centiiv projects that has a lot of benefits to offer to africans.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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