3 Signs That Your Partner Does Not Love You Genuinely

3 Signs That Your Partner Does Not Love You Genuinely


3 Signs That Your Partner Does Not Love You Genuinely


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When a guy or lady does not really love you, there are certain signs they exhibit in that relationship or marriage. Today, I’ll be sharing with you few signs that your partner doesn’t have true love for you.

1. Refusing to compromise: All couples run into problems, but the couples who loves each other find ways to compromise. They’re willing to make sacrifices because they care about their partners as much as they care about themselves.

So, if your partner doesn’t really love you, they may refuse to compromise or make sacrifices because they care more about themselves than they care about you.

2. They don’t show you love: When you have a partner who has a non-challant behaviour toward your relationship, it means he or she is not ready to show you love. One of the ways your partner can show that he loves you, is by organizing a date for the both of you.

If you find yourself in a relationship with this kind of partner, you will also find out that they will leave all the responsibilities for you alone. Remember that a one sided relationship is not a healthy relationship.

3. Always threatening to leave you : This happens in some relationships. Whenever you and your partner have a misunderstanding, do they threaten to leave you or immediately ask for a break up? If they do things like that, it means they don’t care about you.

A person who cares about you will do anything to see that you’re happy.

With the few signs listed above, you should be able to recognize if what your partner feel for you is true love or not.

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