It is already a known fact that not all relationships will lead to marriage no matter how much effort is been made. Some people already know that their relationship will never lead to marriage since the moment they started. This is because they can’t afford to stay with someone who doesn’t have the same goal and direction as them. Also, the behaviors and habits that are being shown make them feel this is not the right person to go into marriage with.

However, your relationship might later lead to marriage when you start noticing some signs. If you and your partner seem to understand each other well and you never give up on each other, there’s a chance you will later end up together.

In this article, I will be showing you 5 signs that show your relationship will lead to marriage.

1. Your partner is willing to make sacrifices for you.

When your partner shows signs of commitment in your relationship, there’s a high chance that it will lead to marriage. For your partner to be willing to make sacrifices for you, you should that they truly love you and care a lot for you. Someone who doesn’t want a future with you will never put themselves at risk just for your sake.

2. Your partner holds you in high regard.

Another sign that shows your relationship will lead to marriage is when your partner has respect for you. If your partner holds you in high regard and he treats you with uttermost respect, there’s a high chance he could be the one.

Also, if they treat the people around you with respect most especially your family and friends, you should know they are serious with you.

3. Their love is unconditional.



When your partner is ready to accept you with your flaws and help you become a better person, you should they are serious with you. When your partner shows you, unconditional love, they won’t look at your mistake and when there are a thousand reasons to leave, they will stay just because of a reason. If your relationship is like this, there’s a high chance it will lead to marriage.

4. They give you listening ears.

When your relationship is not lacking constant and peaceful communication, you should know you are in the right relationship that is likely to lead to marriage. If your partner always listens to you and they pay attention, it is a sign they want to be with you forever.

5. Everything about them interests you.



When you can always confide in each other in your relationship, your compatibility is unquestionable. If you find each other interesting and you enjoy every moment you spend together, there’s a high chance your relationship will lead to marriage.

However, you shouldn’t just jump to a conclusion when you start noticing these above signs, you should take your time and see if they are willing to stay like that.

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