Forget football, running, and basketball, today we will be taking a look at some of the strange and weird sports you have never heard of. These sports are being done in few countries around the world and that’s why they lack popularity. This strange and weird sport offers a massive level of entertainment than traditional sports and mainstream sporting events. Without wasting much of your time let’s get straight into the 7 strange sports. Click here to read more 

1. Wife Carrying:-

In this sports male, competitors will run through obstacles while carrying their wives on their backs. There is so much fun and entertainment when it comes to these sports, as the husband will have to pass through obstacles to win the golden prize. There is a lot of history concerning the origination of sports, it goes way back to the 19th century.

The wife carrying competition was first held annually In a small town in Finland and today the contest is held all around the world in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, India, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

2. Chess Boxing:-

From the name am very sure you would have an idea of what this sport is about, as it’s exactly what it sounds like. chess (the board game) and boxing (the physical sport). For you to participate in this game you must be very good at boxing and also in the chessboard game.

In chess boxing, two opponents duke it out in 11 alternating rounds: six of chess and five of boxing. Opponents can win with a checkmate on the board or a knockout in the ring.

3. Bubble Soccer:-

In bubble soccer, players squeeze their heads and upper bodies inside giant inflatable bubbles. Bubble soccer first appeared in Norway in 2011. The sport is played by two teams of no more than five, and both sides must have at least one female on the field at all times.

4. Underwater Boxing:-

Like our normal boxing sports, the only difference is that it is being done underwater. For you to participate in this sport you must be able to hold your breath as you will have to spend one minute underwater for each boxing round.

it’s no surprise that underwater boxing is a thing because many Legendary boxers like Mohammad Ali often incorporate underwater training into their fitness routine to last longer in the ring.

The rules are just like those of regular boxing, except boxers hold their breath for one minute at a time for three rounds and come up for air in between rounds.

5. Toe Wrestling:-

Am very sure you have heard of arm wrestling, but what about toe wrestling. Toe wrestling and Arm Wrestling are two very dissimilar sports but with the same aim.

In this weird sport, two opponents lock feet and attempt to pin each other down. Toe wrestling originated in the U.K.

6. Russian Slap Fighting:-

Originated in Russia, Slap Fighting is a sport where grown men take turns slapping one another across the face until one of them is knocked out or gives up. Strict rules are guiding this sport in other to have a fair game.

The contestants in a slap fighting contest wear no special equipment – no gloves and no helmets (obviously). To maintain balance after being slapped, competitors (usually) hold on to a stand that has been placed between them, although many require assistance to stay on their feet after being struck.

Each man gets five slaps at his opponent. Assuming there are no fouls, a judge decides who fared better, and the winner proceeds to the next round. Occasionally, both contestants split the prize if neither has committed a foul and both have done well in the view of the judge.

7. Booty Slapping Championships:-

Like slap fighting, it is also originated by the Russians. The sport, called the ‘Booty Slapping Championships’, sees females spank each other on the butt until an opponent’s butt loses balance and either falls or is forced to take a step forward. The opponent delivering the slap then emerges victorious.

Unlike its male slapping counterpart, the sport isn’t about deliberately causing any serious harm to the opponent.

Which of these sports would love to participate in? Do well to drop your opinion on this sports in the comments section below and also don’t forget to like, share and follow for more sports content.



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