The private organ of a man is very delicate, and it carries out different functions. The private organ doesn’t have any bone, apart from tissues that gets filled with blood during intimacy. The private organ can also be used to pass out waste product called, urine. There are some certain things, that you might not be aware about your private organ.

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This article will look at 3 things that a man might probably not know, about the private organ. They include the following:

1. A man’s private organ can break

A man’s private organ can break, if it is aggressively twisted during intimacy. The private organ doesn’t contain any bone, but it can burst because, it is usually filled with blood when it gets aroused. It is important that men should not be violent, when getting intimate with their partner.

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2. The private organ is not a muscle

The private organ does not contain any muscle, and it cannot be moved that much when it gets excited. The private organ is like a sponge filled with blood, when it gets excited. Blood builds up inside two cylinder chambers in the private organ, making it to increase in size and become stiff. Once the private organ is no longer stiff, the arteries in the two chambers will become small, allowing blood to reduce from the private organ.

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3. The private organ may become stiff severally at night

According to a research, a healthy man should experience stiffness of the private organ at least 3 to 5 times, while he is asleep. It may last for 25 to 35 minutes. It is normal when you wake up with stiffness of the private organ in the morning, which is the last series of stiffness that occurs at night.

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These are some of the facts about a man’s private organ.

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