One of the reasons why we are being advised to get a faithful intimacy partner and stick with him/her is because condoms are not 100 percent effective. This goes to say that even with the use of protection one can still contract STDs, and when this happens, the person may not be aware until the infection develops into later stages. This is why abstinence is the most effective way of preventing STDs.

However, some STDs can be transmitted even without the exchange of body fluids, thus making them very dangerous. In this article, I will be showing you some STDs one can contract even with the use of protection.

1. Pubic lice.

These are the type of lice that lives in the pubic hair. Their presence in the body causes itching, which usually worsens at night. One major way of contracting this illness is by mating with someone who already has it, and condoms does not offer any form of protection from pubic lice as they function outside the area which the condom covers. One can also contract pubic lice by sharing under wears and towels with a carrier.

2. HPV.

Human Papillomavirus, popularly known as HPV, is one of the most common STDs and most people who have it are not even aware that they do. It is widely spread through skin-to-skin contact, which means that condoms does not protect one from contracting it.

3. Genital Herpes.

Some common symptoms of genital herpes includes the appearance of painful blisters in the private part, which breaks and develops into sores. It’s also accompanied by unpleasant burning during urination. Herpes appears in the area which is not covered with condoms, and mating with someone who is infected will expose you to the risk of contracting it, whether you use condoms or not.

STDs are very dangerous because their symptoms doesn’t surface on time, which means that a person can be infected with an STD without knowing. It therefore becomes necessary to go for STD tests regularly if you’re the type that keeps multiple mating partners.  CLICK HERE TO COMMENT

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