This universe never fails to astonish us, and what happens day and night never ceases to amuse us. In today’s world, being faithful to one’s spouse isn’t as common as it once was.

Imagine marrying someone not because you love them, but because you have certain expectations of them. Another lady, who has been married for three years, admits that she loves her spouse but is also drawn to her coworker, since her coworker pays her more attention than her real husband does, and she wishes she could have married him instead.

For the love of God, she is married, but she has a crush on a coworker. What do you think the reason for this was? Is it because the male doesn’t pay attention to her? Is it because of something else entirely? She explains that she is drawn to the coworker because he takes her out for ice cream and other fun things, makes her laugh, and brings her to the movies, all of which her own spouse does not do.

Isn’t the purpose of marriage to bring two individuals together as one? Or at least that’s how we’re told; if they’re one, why is the lady thinking about anything else? In another sense, this is what makes me wonder why she married in the first place? What were the intentions of her getting married to him?

What was the reason for her to get married? Was it because she loved him or was it because she wants to play him? I wonder why?

With so many things going on in the world these days, finding someone who will be committed to you is quite tough. If you do find someone like that, consider yourself extremely fortunate since those people are extremely rare these days.

Is it the husband’s actions that are driving the wife away, or is there something more at work? I’m curious. If this is the case, then men must learn a very important lesson today: never allow another guy to make your wife happy.

Never allow another guy to do things for your wife that you are unable to accomplish; in other words, make sure you are doing all your wife asks of you so that she is not drawn to another man. I’m curious if you agree with me or not.

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