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I love my husband but my co-worker knows how to hit the right spot” Lady reveals

This universe never fails to astonish us, and what happens day and night never ceases to amuse us. In today’s world, being faithful to one’s spouse isn’t as common as it once was.

Imagine marrying someone not because you love them, but because you have certain expectations of them. Another lady, who has been married for three years, admits that she loves her spouse but is also drawn to her coworker, since her coworker pays her more attention than her real husband does, and she wishes she could have married him instead.

For the love of God, she is married, but she has a crush on a coworker. What do you think the reason for this was? Is it because the male doesn’t pay attention to her? Is it because of something else entirely? She explains that she is drawn to the coworker because he takes her out for ice cream and other fun things, makes her laugh, and brings her to the movies, all of which her own spouse does not do.

Isn’t the purpose of marriage to bring two individuals together as one? Or at least that’s how we’re told; if they’re one, why is the lady thinking about anything else? In another sense, this is what makes me wonder why she married in the first place? What were the intentions of her getting married to him?

What was the reason for her to get married? Was it because she loved him or was it because she wants to play him? I wonder why?

With so many things going on in the world these days, finding someone who will be committed to you is quite tough. If you do find someone like that, consider yourself extremely fortunate since those people are extremely rare these days.

Is it the husband’s actions that are driving the wife away, or is there something more at work? I’m curious. If this is the case, then men must learn a very important lesson today: never allow another guy to make your wife happy.

Never allow another guy to do things for your wife that you are unable to accomplish; in other words, make sure you are doing all your wife asks of you so that she is not drawn to another man. I’m curious if you agree with me or not.

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  1. Well, you are on point but, in addition to the above mentioned. I guess effective and efficient communication is also one of the keys in every successful marriages most especially among the present generation.

    It is also patinient for the husband to always pay more attention basically to the crucial needs of the wife, while the also important thing ould as well made it known the husband if her needs are not been met.

      • I feel this a problem of proximity. Most working class spouses hardly spend time together. They live their homes early in the morning and meet again in the evening tired. The devil is using problem to entice spouses to those they spend more time with. This create the impression that the person who spend more time with is a better friend. But it’s not. Strong spouses will say no to this while week ones are falling into this trap. Spoises who are real Christians can easily resist this temptation.

  2. This is the plan of devil to pull many into hell fire with hidden sins of unfaithfulness it must be avoided one must be conscious that no sinner will go unpunished so we must flee from sin and be focused on making the marriage successful by avoiding extramarital sinful conduct that is contrary to God s direction as written in the Bible

  3. She’s just a lady who wants 2 play as if she not married why not ask her husband 2 take her out Cox the co-worker is just trying 2 get her attention nd when is done with her she’ll c his true colors

  4. Issues of reality of life are not to be spiritualized. If we do we can’t get solutions to them. This issue is a reality in our society. To solve it, we must look at the cause. If you understand female sexual psychology, you will know that women need male attention more than sex. Female love is nourished to grow and build up from attention of the male. Hubby must give his wife adequate romantic attention. Without this there will be gap problem. This can cause sexual unfaithfulness. It is an error for a hubby not to give adequate attention to his wife. It is an error for a wife to commit sexual unfaithfulness. But the first error caused the second error. So the solution is that the hubby should not allow the first error in first place so that the second will happen.

    • Ladies are never faithful as long as they are exposed and stay long hours of the day with other people than their husbands. They are always exploring new things and NO husband can manage to give his wife everyrhing she wants, I doubt. Its good for ladies to remain single and enjoy their life fully. By virtue of being given gifts by another man, oops, that woman is gone. It could be better if women are only satisfied with what their husbands offer, but unfortunately it does not work like that. May be for house wives, it can work to a certain extent, but for those ladies who are beaultiful always in their work attire, its a hustle. In fact most men always beileve the grass is greener on the other side, they always create new crush to some. Men should try as much as possible to stay mire with their wives to reduce the risk, though. Lets just say, in summary, ladies are wives when they are with their husbands and whenever are away, they are at some hungry men’s disposal, unfirtunately thats the fact

  5. No let anotha man give my wife gifts, I’m un able to give!? If i try stop it, my wife will Neva stop bitching til Jesus return

  6. A good wife is God given, u can provide everything she needs but still dissapoints so its not entirely that a woman cheats because her husband does not provide what she asks for, it could be possible but to a very minimal extent

  7. Truthfully, no man will do everything for a woman who likes outings and satisfy her like this woman as our case study. If she truly loves her husband as she claims, then she should be taking him along on outings, she is a working class lady. If the husband is not interested should go out with the kids or any member of the family. Always going out with her male co worker and giving him more time than the husband and family shows her level of unfaithfulness and warewaredness. Also, this is the problem with most women today, attaching themselves more to their so called spiritual fathers, telling them private things that ordinarily should be made kown to their husbands and their doctors only, you want me to believe that the spiritual fathers who also have blood running in their body will not one day use advantage of some of these gullible women as we see it today.. married woman should please stay attached to their husbands only for that is how Almighty God designed marital union. On our case study, I will advise that woman to detach from her crush co worker cos las las when her marriage go sour na she go hear am.

  8. What I understand in my opion is that Marriage or relationships,is not muchly about SEX,but the relatively understanding for each other and Sex is just the spicing up of marriage or relationships, because when meeting to know each other we don’t give out sex first,but to be able to know each other well that I will call ‘understanding’when understand you partner well then the second thing is Faith,then Sex and Trust,but alot happened in marriages or relationships, ladies and girls clazy when it comes to SEX again they need a deserable Penis and hard core fuck that’s drive them away,you can have everything that it takes for Man to have e.g Money,cars, Houses,campaines etc but if you don’t have the hard Rock ? she will go and do shits outside and come and smiling at you with sweet words, she’s only love with you because of your possessions wait for to die and inherit your wealth she can even kill you most men have died because of their spouses so I cannot even dougt to that woman

  9. If this lady met another man who would perform better than the office workmate believe me she would opt for the new man leaving the office mate. This would go on as long as she keeps meeting better and better performing men. Has she ever asked herself if the sexual services she gives her husband are the best? She must remember that there are also women out there who can give a better sexual experience to her husband than she does. If as she claims her husband doesn’t hit the right spot why doesn’t she communicate with him so he can adjust and hit her right? Madam, that office mate who hits you in the right spot was probably taught by his wife on how to do it right. So Go tell your husband and teach him how to hit you right instead of stealing people’s husbands.

  10. Actually, there’s nothing bad to love each other. But this one you are talking about. I can say there is cheating love ambition from the lady. It is a matter of buying things or taking her to sport. If you take a cheating love ambition to club or you buy a lots of things for, she surely carry out her ambition. It is a matter having fear of God in your relationship. Thanks

  11. Stolen meat is sweeter than the one given to you. She is having a list relationship with her coworker. If she had married him, she would still cheat on him. There is nothing like hitting the right spot. It is infatuated by sinful tendencies. She should let her husband know what she likes and how she likes it done. She should stop sinning and repent otherwise she will not enjoy her marriage and nemesis will catch up with her.

  12. By the mere fact that woman failed to get satisfied by her husband, even though she goes to her work mate she’s will still go to another man whom she thinks he can hit at the point meaning she has high libido which can’t make her to settle with one person or husband hence making her a prostitute in short.

  13. The woman must have loved the man for sure but because of her work which makes her away from the husband and seeing her co_worker frequently, contributed to the situation.
    A man shall cultivate for his family but today’s life , women are encouraged to work as a mean of helping. And this is the result. The Bibles is very clear in describing a woman to be a weaker vessel.
    Guard your wife jealously and to those who are not married yet, it is my apeal don’t just go for a working class otherwise you be the next to loose your partner.

  14. For real, what do we really take marriage for joking with the effort and had end resources of a man an trust also.
    The last time I checked marriage was for better and for worst, for Richer and for pool in sickness an in health till death do part.?
    Why order Wise now? So bad to hear.
    It is a complete atrocity that needs divorce it is wickedness on weman side

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