A woman’s private organ is expected to be kept clean regularly because, bacteria can easily get into it. A woman’s private organ doesn’t need much when it comes to cleaning because, it cleans itself naturally. When a woman advances in age, her private organ goes through a lot of changes, that may affect the appearance of the private organ. It is important to be cautious of what you wear, and avoid things that may bring infections to your private organ.

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This article will look at 4 things that women should avoid doing to their private organ, to keep it healthy. They include the following:

1. Do not engage in private organ steaming

Engaging in private organ steaming may hurt your private organ. The skin of your private organ is very delicate, and you may experience burns. Some people use herbs for steaming, and it may cause miscarriage for women who are pregnant. Steaming your private organ may increase the chances of getting an infection, by changing the bacteria in your private organ.

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2. Don’t try self medication when you have an infection

It is important to go for the appropriate medication, when you have an infection. Some women may want to use garlic and ginger to treat yeast infection, and it’s wrong. You may end up having a chemical burn inside your private organ, if you are not careful.

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3. Do not engage in douching

Douching involves washing the private organ using a mixture of different substances in a container, to keep it clean and free from odor. Douching makes your private organ open to infection because, it changes the pH level of the private organ. A woman’s private organ is meant to be acidic, to prevent bacteria from growing.

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4. Inserting foreign objects into your private organ

Apart from a tampon, birth control device, a man’s private organ, toys for intimacy, and certain medications, nothing else should go into a woman’s private organ. It is important to avoid placing foreign objects into the private organ, to avoid infection or irritation.

A woman’s private organ is very sensitive, and you need to be careful on how you handle it. It is also a self cleaning organ and it doesn’t need any other cleaning agent. CLICK HERE TO COMMENT

Source: preventionhealthline

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