This world has turned out differently from the time our ancestors walked the earth. In those days there were things happening, but not like what is happening these days. It has been revealed that there is a young Kenyan lady who has just decided not to marry after finding out on her wedding day, that the guy she was meant to spend the rest of her life with, Alfred Musa, had lied about his work.

After she learns the truth that her husband to be is not who she thought he is, and that he is a taxi driver rather than a banker, the bride fleed from the wedding venue (Photos).

Alfred deceived her into believing that he was working as a Kenya Commercial Bank employee during their courtship (KCB).

Hours before the wedding started, the bride, Jackeline Wanjiru, acquired many pieces of proven information indicating her lover had been deceiving her for four long years, and so she wanted the prove before she can say her vows. She then discovered that he (Alfred Musa) is a cab driver and not an employee of the KCB Malindi branch.

On Wednesday morning, Jackeline Wanjiru escaped her wedding venue in her gown and her family members tried to persue her and persuade her into marrying him, but they failed to do that. After the bride vanished, the wedding ceremony was called off.

Jackeline’s family and friends were still waiting for her to return so the ceremony could begin. Jackeline was pursued by the groom’s friends, who eventually captured her. She, on the other hand, turned down their offer to marry the bloody liar.

As a reader, what are your thoughts on this story? Do you think it was wise of her to flee because of this minor issue? What are your opinions on the subject? Would you say that she chose a good choice or not?

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