The emotions of women are generally aroused by what they hear than what they see. A man ought to be careful and choose the words he tells a lady at different levels in a relationship.

Evey relationship has 3 zones; the suspicion zone, the confidence zone and the familiarity zone. The familiarity zone is the deepest level of any relationship where trust and confidence has been built. That is the stage where a man can be free to say anything to the lady since he’s sure to have gained her love, trust and confidence.

When the relationship is still in the suspicion and confidence zone or when a man has not yet completely gained the assurance of love and trust of a woman, he ought not to tell her certain things inorder for him not to be vulnerable incase the relationship falters along the line.

Below is a list of 3 things you should not be too quick to tell a woman.

1. Don’t be too quick to confess your emotions to her. Confessing your love to a woman when you’re not yet sure that the seed of love is also growing in her could be very dangerous. Since women are emotional beings, the attitude of confessing your love to her when you are not yet sure of her affection for you could only build up compelled emotions that are not a crucial sign of love. Allow the seed of love to grow in her until it germinates and becomes visible before you can confidently confess your emotions. It is safer to take a step at a time.

2. Don’t be too quick to ask her to be your wife or girlfriend if you both are still new in the relationship, especially when you’ve not known her real character. Be patient and study the lady’s character before asking her out. Most ladies exhibit some traits that you may not be able to condone but some other guys could.

3. Don’t be too quick to tell her your income except she is your wife. Don’t always assume or predict that a woman is all yours until you’ve paid her bride price and done the necessary traditional rites. Telling her your income especially when you are a high income earner could make her see you as the solution to her financial problems and that could be the only reason why she wants to stick around you. CLICK HERE TO COMMENT 

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