Today, a video of a 100 Level student of the University of Nsukka has been trending all over social media after it was posted by a popular blog, Gistlover. The student whose name was not identified was seen doing a dancing competition going almost half-naked to entertain others during a party at the school’s hostel. David Hundeyin, the popular writer didn’t like how Gistlover posted the video of the student as he said it could ruin her life permanently.

The prediction of David Hundeyin seems to be on point as what looked like fun for the 100 level student later turned into a very bad thing for her as the school’s authority heard about this inappropriate behaviour and expelled her while also threatening to prosecute her for her behaviour.

Watch Video of where an authority said she has been expelled

Nigerians reacted to the video, while many condemned the girl’s action, some said the punishment was too harsh. In my own candid opinion, although it’s inappropriate behaviour to do but I believe the school should have taken other corrective measures on the lady.

The step I think the University of Nsukka should have taken instead of expelling the student

For me, I believe the school should have counselled her instead of expelling her immediately from the school or rather gives her a lengthy suspension since she is a 100 Level student. Counselling her about her inappropriate behaviour and how the school frowns at the immorality especially on the school premises would be better than expelling her from school.

Again, I think a lengthy suspension should have been another step the school authorities should have taken instead of expelling her and threatening her with a prosecution.

Also, expelling her from school might lead her into depression and this might cause suicidal thoughts for the 100 level undergraduate. We have seen many cases where students fall into depression and without help, they do something very bad. Therefore, expelling her seems like a judgement too harsh and might cause the student to be depressed and might make her endanger herself.

Therefore, I believe the school should have taken other corrective measures instead of expelling the student who might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs since its parties where such are not rare. Yes, it’s an inappropriate thing to do but the young girl never break the law, she was only dancing.

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