Our body system tends to react differently to various conditions and actions we take at different times which most times leaves us confused about what some of these reactions by our body system entails or means if it is normal or abnormal, and how it affects our general health condition. One of these reactions or after-action conditions is one that virtually every one of us experiences after intimacy. It’s of no doubt that virtually every one of us has had this feeling of tiredness and dizziness after intimacy which forces some people to sleep off immediately and the next thing you wake up later wondering about what happened, what caused it, and if it’s normal or abnormal.

A feeling of tiredness and a bit of dizziness is very common and occurs after intimacy which might be a result of so many factors including the major ones discussed below.

1) Physical Exhaustion:- During intimacy you make use of a considerable amount of energy and just like any other workout you are bound to feel physically exhausted after that. This is one of the reasons why you may feel tired after sex and it is normal and entails no serious health complications.

2) Release Of Neurochemicals By The Brain:- The brain releases a chemical known as oxytocin during intimacy which increases arousal and excitement during intimacy however, people are left very weak and tired after the effect of the neurochemicals has faded off.

Source:- Insider

From the above reasons you can see that is very normal and natural to feel tired after intimacy and it does not entail any health issue or complication. However, you can as well eat some foods that will naturally help enhance you during intimacy and boost your s*xual life and drive-by improving your blood flow and stamina. These foods are listed below.

1) Salmon

2) Apples

3) Oysters

4) Red Wine

Source:- Healthline

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