Best positions for coupling during pregnancy

Best positions for coupling during pregnancy


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Intercourse is not only safe during pregnancy, but it is also something that most pregnant women look forward to. Intercourse provides more pleasure and much-needed physical and emotional support to women dealing with a fast-changing body and lifestyle, thanks to surging hormones that increase sensitivity. Positions for coupling during pregnancy ensure not only the satisfaction of both spouses but also the protection of the fetus.

Here are safe positions to try during pregnancy

1 Woman on the top

This pregnancy position is one of the most well-known. You have the advantage of being in control of the speed and the freedom to move around to find the finest angles by sitting up and straddling your partner. Rest your hands or forearms on the headboard if feasible to help support your weight.

2 Standing against the wall

Stand with your legs extended in front of a wall and support your upper body with your hands or forearms on the wall at shoulder height. This position helps your lover enter you from behind, bypassing your tummy.

3 Spooning

Allow your lover to enter you from behind by lying comfortably on your side with a pillow between your legs if it feels better for your back. This helps to relieve pressure on your stomach. Keep in mind that if there will be any anal penetration, your partner will need to wash well before entering the vagina to remove any bacteria that could cause infections.

4 Side by side

This position is suitable for all stages of pregnancy, but it is particularly beneficial toward the end because it requires less exertion and allows you to wedge pillows under your belly and behind your back for optimal comfort. You can also gaze into the eyes of your partner for an extra level of closeness. CLICK HERE TO COMMENT