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One integral part of marriage that every married couple should be committed to is lovemaking. Even if every other thing is lacking in your marriage, a quality lovemaking lifestyle should not be missing. What makes some couples’ lovemaking experiences to be different from others is the level of creativity employed when making out. Though not applaudable, lack of variety is one of the reasons why some married people cheat, because of their desire to try something new.

At times, one of the partners would discuss it with the other one on the need to try something new in the area of lovemaking, but they would not buy the idea. The truth is, making love in the bedroom alone may not give married couples a spectacular intimacy moments. Monotony kills the vibe. There is need to be adventurous and daring in your lovemaking lifestyle. The most important thing is for you to discuss the need to do something different from the conventional way with your partner. If you married someone who is open to learning, he/she will buy the idea.

Aside your bedroom, make effort to make love in the following places in your matrimonial home:

1. Bathroom. This is one place that married couples can explore their bodies to the fullest. It can happen before, during and after having a cool bath together. All that is required is employing a lovemaking position that will be convenient for you, since you won’t be lying down.

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2. Kitchen. Couples can also make love in the kitchen when they are cooking together. It can be planned or impromptu. What you wear in the kitchen can have a role to play in activating the act. Do not “kit up” as if you are going to a wedding party. Wear something short and revealing which can make your partner to desire you and initiate the action.

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3. Couch (parlour). It can happen from those times you sit together in the parlour to see movies together. To set up the “fire”, be intentional of the kind of movies you see. Romantic movies that have the scene of lovemaking in them will be more preferable to action movies.

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Note : Be sure you are alone in the house before you make love in any of the aforementioned places.

Try making love in those above mentioned places. You will notice a new spark in your love life. Your comment is welcomed ? please CLICK HERE TO COMMENT>>>>>

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