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One of the most controversial topics is the issue of “extremely high” libido. It is completely normal for one to be interested in being intimate with his or her partner but when is it considered a problem in the medical field? If you are wondering if your very high libido is becoming a problem, just sit tight and read this article till the very end.

In this article, we are going to have a look at sone of the signs and causes of extremely high urge for intimacy that some people experience. If you are one of the individuals facing this issue, there is need for you to know that it’s not necessary an issue until you portray some signs but before we get down to the signs, let’s first know what it is called in medical terms.

What is it called?

It is not called an extremely high libido as some people call it. The right term is “Compulsive Sexual Behavior”. This is a condition that arises when a person can’t really control his or her sexual fantasies and as such, making the urge to be intimate with someone so uncontrollable.

What Are The Signs Of This Problem?

1. If your urge to be intimate with soneine is having a very negative impact on other areas of your life like your health, academics, relationships etc.

2. You are always battling to suppress the problem but it always ends up defeating you. This is a telltale sign of sexual compulsion that must be looked into.

3. You are dependent on your sexual urge and fantasies.

4. You don’t feel fulfilled or comfortable when you replace your urge and fantasies with other productive activities i.e. you are literally dependent on it and you happiness centers or revolves around it

5. You have issues maintaining and having a healthy relationship with your partner due to your intimate urge and behavior.

What Are The Causes Of This Problem?

1. Neurotransmitter Imbalance; this is actually one of the causes of this problem in people. Sexual compulsion may be related to higher level of neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine that regulate a person’s mood. Once these neurotransmitters get so high in the brain, you might start having issues controlling your urge sexually.

2. Medications; certain medications that are aimed at treating parkinson’s disease can also cause sexual compulsive behavior. So ensure you know the consequences of any medication before taking it.

3. Some Health Conditions like epilepsy and dementia may damage the part of the brain in charge of sexual behavior and make you unable to control yourself.

When Should You Seen A Doctor?

It is advisable for one to see a doctor once you start having sexual urge, fantasy that interfere with your daily life. It is completely normal for you to have a higher libido than your partner or a lower libido but if your high libido starts interfering significantly with your daily life and mental wellbeing, do well to see a doctor. CLICK HERE TO COMMENT>>>>>>

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Source: Healthline

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