A woman’s breast is one of the most sensitive part of her body, it produces milk for feeding her young child, and it is medically known as mammary gland. Aside breastfeeding, the breast can also be used for sexual stimulation. Most women feel lazy massaging their breast, other sees it as not exciting doing it by themselves this is the more reason you should let your partner do it for you. Breast massaging is very important for women but it is been neglected. In this article here are 3 beautiful reasons you should allow your partner massage your breast.

1. It help prevents cancer

Cells often form knot in the breast thus leading to a lumps which causes breast cancer, when massaging is done at an early stage it forces the cells to return back to their normal state.

2. Sexual stimulation

When massaging is done to the breast it increases it’s sensitivity; signals is then sent to the brain, which set one to be more aware of touch and thus lead to better orgasm.

3. Remove stress

When the breast is massaged on a regular basis, love hormone is released, thus removing stress and depression and this brings alive smiles on the person face and a feeling of happiness.

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