Protein is definitely one of the best and most important nutrients. It has numerous health benefits to the human body. But do you know that eating too much protein based foods is also bad? After all, nutritionists have warned that too much of every food is bad. 

Protein foods includes beans, eggs, red meat, chicken, nuts and others. And you may be at risk of too much protein in your diet, especially if you do not eat enough carbohydrate foods along with the protein foods. Balanced diet is necessary for you to stay healthy by the way.

Here are some side effects of eating too much protein foods. 

1. Digestive Problems. 

Protein is actually a kind of chemical and gassy nutrient. Because of this, your body has to spend a lot more time and energy to break them down. Digesting carbohydrates and fats is a lot more easier than digesting proteins. As a result, the protein foods can build up in your system, leading to stomach pain, discomfort, and other digestive issues.

2. Dehydration. 

During the process of breaking down the protein into amino acids, the liver is highly involved. Once that's done, the resulting byproducts have to pass through your kidneys. All of this filtration processes requires a lot of water. If you don't increase your water intake while also taking in more protein, it's possible that you will become dehydrated.

3. Kidney Problems. 

According to National Kidney Foundation, eating too much protein may stress your kidneys in ways you never thought possible. This will eventually contribute to pre-existing kidney problems, such as kidney stones, kidney failure and others. Getting plenty of exercise and drinking enough water while you're always eating protein diet can help the kidneys flush wastes out of your system more effectively. Make sure you talk to your doctor before beginning a high protein diet if you have ever experienced kidney problems.

Source: Healthline.

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