Milk we consume could be either extracted from animals or plants. Dairy(animal) milk may also be nutritious but it contains an higher amount of saturated fats and poorly prepared dairy milk could contain E coli bacteria. Most elderly people prefer plant based milk because they are more hygienic and they contain a lower amount of saturated fats. I will share plant based milk you can consume.

Below are plant-based milk you can drink.

1. Soy milk.

Soy milk is a delicious plant milk gotten and extracted from soya beans. It is known for its high protein and low fat content. Elderly people should take more of this rather than dairy milk because it helps to lower cholesterol levels. A regular consumption of this milk will help to keep your body healthy.

2. Hemp milk.

This is a very healthy plant milk with an high amount of protein. It contains heart healthy fats know as polysaturated fats which helps to lower cholesterol levels. A regular consumption of hemp milk will aid in the repairing of worn out tissues and in building strong bones and teeth.

3. Almond milk.

Almond milk is also nutritious but it contains a lesser amount of protein than soy milk. The healthy fats present in almond milk helps in providing heat and energy to your body. You can add your almond milk to your tea or maybe cereal.

4.Oat milk.

Oat milk is gotten from oat meal and it is good source of protein, Potassium, phosphorus and calcium. These minerals present helps to repair worn out tissues, keep your bones strong and healthy. If you are a patient suffering from Celiac disease, please stay away from oat milk.

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