1. Racing heartbeat

Anxiety attack is a mental health disorder, pressure or tension that results from demanding situations. A sign of anxiety attack is when our heart skips, this occurs when we feel nervous. On the other hand, a racing heart or chronic heart palpitations mean you're going through something more serious, you need to request medical procedures if the symptom gets worse.

2. Shaking or trembling

A Panic attack symptoms include sobbing heavy breathing or terror during an anxiety attack, you may also notice that your hands are trembling or that your body is all wobbly.

3. Burning or prickling sensations

Another indicator of an anxiety attack is numbness burning or prickling sensations in various regions of your body. Blood can drain from your extremities as your body directs it to the regions that will help you attack or operate.

4. Breathing difficulties

A frightening sign of anxiety attacks is feeling short of breath, when you're anxious your breathing pattern might shift. Instead of taking long deep breaths, you might end up taking quick shallow ones this might cause a decrease in the quantity of carbon dioxide in your blood.

This can give you the sensation of choking as it can also cause anxiety symptoms such as racing heart numbness.

Diaphragmatic breathing can help you gain control of your breath.

Source: Mayo clinic

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