Low blood sugar is medically known as hypoglycemia, and it is caused by too much insulin in the body. Someone who has diabetes can also develop hypoglycemia when he/she does not eat enough food after taking diabetes medication. This means that one sickness can lead to another. Hypoglycemia occurs when the blood sugar is below 70 mg/dL. In this article, I will be showing you some symptoms of hypoglycemia as well as healthy foods to eat.

1. Increased appetite.

When the blood glucose level is low, the body tends to release stored glucose from the liver to normalize glucose levels, this in turn leads to hunger and the need to eat to replenish the glucose levels. Always eat whenever you are hungry.

2. Cloudy thinking.

A drop in the level of glucose in the body tends to affect the brain. Memory loss and brain fog can be a symptom of hypoglycemia.

3. Sweating.

Low glucose levels in the body usually leads to increased adrenaline (a hormone that helps to regulate automatic functions). Sweating is a common sign of hypoglycemia, however, it usually occurs with other symptoms.

4. Blurry vision.

Blurry vision is another symptom of hypoglycemia. If you notice this symptom in your body, then all is not well.

5. Tiredness.


Glucose is a type of sugar that is gotten from foods and the body converts it to energy. Hypoglycemia is known to cause tiredness due to the reduced levels of glucose in the body. 

Below are some foods you should eat if you have hypoglycemia.

1. Banana.

Eating bananas as a hypoglycemic patient helps to get your blood sugar back to normal because they are high in carbohydrates. You are advised to regularly go for blood sugar tests to know when your sugar level is normal.

2. Pineapple.

This fruit can lead to an increase in blood glucose levels, but it should be eaten in moderation as too much of it could lead to high blood sugar, which is another problem.

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