Have you ever gotten into this situation whereby you login your whatsapp and discovered your contact names aren’t showing and you also go to your contact app and also see the same, don’t worry we have a solution for you.

First of all solving this problem are in two method in which first method is applicable to both android and IOS users and the second method is applicable to only android users and slightly IOS users in which I will make a post for that.

First method:
1. some times what normally causes this problem, maybe you did not use the right sim card, so what you have to do is to check your sim slot if you are using the right sim.

if you are using the right sim, well the second method is for you, but if you are using the wrong sim all what you have to do is to insert the right sim and check your
WhatsApp if it is back to normal, but if the problem still persist hop into the second method.

Second Method:
this method is also simple and effective all what you have to do is to follow the steps below.
1. Go to your phone home, locate your WhatsApp icon and contact icon.



2. Hold the icon firmly and some options will pop out like Application details, uninstall, remove and share.

3. Click on application details it will redirect you to your apps info.

4. Click on storage and cache


5.beneath the storage and cache you will see clear cache and clear storage.


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6. Click on clear cache.

also do this for your contact icon
After following these steps Go back to your WhatsApp and see the magic.

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