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6 Signs Of Decreased Liver Function

The normal functioning of the liver is very important in the human body. Ecology, ingested harmful foods, drugs directly affect the health of the liver and impair its function.

When liver function is impaired, it can manifest itself in the body. There are some symptoms that are associated with normal liver function. These symptoms include:

Forehead wrinkling

Wrinkles on the forehead are one of the signs of aging. Premature wrinkles on the forehead are a sign of liver dysfunction. Deep wrinkles are an indication of liver dysfunction.

Skin pigmentation

Various biochemical reactions take place in the liver. When its activity is disrupted, melanin metabolism is disrupted and dark spots appear on the skin. These spots are most common on the faces and hands of older people. It occurs due to age-related changes in the liver. Itching of the skin, various rashes on the skin may also indicate liver dysfunction.

Oily skin

Excessive oiliness of the skin is due to impaired liver function. Most of the fat in the forehead and nose is due to the liver. In this case, it is possible to find rashes on the skin and small inflammatory foci.

Hair loss

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Among these reasons is liver dysfunction. Hair loss due to liver is not replaced by new hair.

Changing the condition of the eye

Hepatic dysfunction is also manifested in the color of the sclera of the eye. When pathological processes occur in the liver, the color of the sclera of the eye tends to be yellow, not white.

Different smell and shape of feces

The liver plays a direct role in the digestive process. When its activity is disturbed, the color, smell and shape of the stool change. The most dangerous form of feces is:

– white or yellow stool

– adhesive shape

– has a strong odor

– be liquid for a long time

– hard and small round.

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