Your blood is a very important component present in your body. It helps in transferring oxygen and minerals to different parts of the body. Your organs will not function properly when your blood level is low. Hemoglobin is a protein than gives your blood its red color and it contains an high amount of iron. When your blood level is low there are some signs you will notice. Shortness of breath, dizziness and heart palpitations are some signs of low blood levels.

Below are the signs you will notice.

1. Heart palpitations.

When your heart beat becomes irregular that is a sign that your blood level is low. The heart palpitation occurs because a limited amount of blood flows into your heart due to low blood levels.

2. Getting tired frequently.

Getting tired frequently can be a sign that your blood level is low. This happens because your brain receives a low amount of blood thereby reducing the amount of oxygen and other nutrients in circulation. Since your brain cannot coordinate the activities of the brain properly, you will tend to get tired.

3. Paleness.

Paleness occurs because your blood level is low. Your skin color will be dull and your eye lids will become pink or yellow. When you notice this try visit your doctor.

4. Shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath occurs because the amount of oxygen in your blood is low and breathing process is impaired. An optimum amount of oxygen is required to enable proper breathing.

5. Headaches and dizziness

6. Cold hands and feet.

Your hands and feet gets cold because the level of blood in your body is low. This usually happen because of a poor blood circulation.

Iron, copper and Vitamin B12 rich foods are very good in boosting your blood levels. I will share foods you should be consuming to boost blood production.

Below are the foods.

1. Organ meat

2. Sea foods like periwinkle, oyster and others

3. Pulses or legumes like beans, lentils and others.

4. Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, fennel, collard and kale.

5. Poultry meat.

6. Fish

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