Some people at one point or the other in their lives do hear sound in their ears. This sound is often referred to as "ringing in the ear". The truth is that though you hear this sound clearly, there is no external sound source. That is why most people call it phantom sound.

This sound is medically known as Tinnitus and usually interfere with real sounds. The type of ringing heard could be called the following;

– Buzzing

– Whistling

– Hissing, etc.

Tinnitus usually happen when there is depression, anxiety, stress, etc and can be heard in one or both ears.


1) Subjective Tinnitus. This happens when only you hear the sound and it is the most common type of Tinnitus.

2) Objective Tinnitus

This is a rare type of Tinnitus in which you and others around you hear the sound, this is as a result of abnormal blood vessels in or around the ears.


1) Damage of the middle or inner ear.

2) Damage of the eardrum

3) Regular exposure to loud sounds.

4) Medications such as Aspirin, Chloroquine, Erythromycin, Gentamicin, some Cancer drugs, etc.

Other conditions that may cause ringing in the ear includes;

– Age related hearing loss.

– High blood pressure.

– Excess ear wax.

4) Muscle spasms in the ear.


The Doctor will carry out some tests that will determine the cause of the Tinnitus or the underlying Medical condition that may cause it. He will treat according to the outcome of the result. This may include;

– Drug therapy

– Use of noise suppression machine

– Lifestyle change

– Use of hearing aids

– Cochlear implants. This means inserting a device into the affected ear. It will allow the brain bypass the damaged part of the ear so as to allow for proper hearing.

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