Dr. Likee, the well-known Ghanaian comedian and YouTuber, has shared a humorous video advising men in Ghana to put in more effort.

In the video, he appeared wearing a polythene bag outfit and expressed that, in this day and age, money is essential for most things.

He encouraged young people to work hard to earn their own money but also emphasized the importance of earning it in the right way.

Dr. Likee’s video has gained significant attention on social media, with many praising his comedic approach to delivering an important message.

The video also sparked discussions on the state of the economy in Ghana and the challenges faced by young people in securing employment.

Some viewers have even shared their own stories of how they have had to hustle and work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Despite the serious undertones of the message, Dr. Likee’s comedic delivery has made it more accessible and relatable to a wider audience.

Dr. Likee went on to say that while love is often talked about, having money makes life easier.

“If you’re a man who does not have money, you are a sad man. If you’re a man, you need to find money. Some men would say I have love. Love? FOAA, love?, he wrongly spelt the word love.”


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