There is this age long belief that self gratification causes eye problems; some people believe that an individual who always indulges in this act, would in a short while start having issues with his or vision. Many hold this theory so strongly that they end up causing panic and instilling fear into the minds of many young teenagers, but how true is this claim?

As a Featured Health Creator whose happiness is for you to be enlightened when it comes to heath matters and medical issues, we are going to be having a concise look at the validity of this claim and what you should believe. Just sit tight and learn something new from this piece.

Can Masturbation Cause Eye Problems?

According to experts, this is nothing but a myth. Self Gratification has no link to the eyes, so such theories are scientifically baseless and as such should be disregarded. It is true that, addiction to masturbation can have negative effects on the body and activities of a person like affecting his or her relationship, causing a person to reschedule his or her appointment, just to have time to indulge in this act.

It doesn't mean that this act can cause blindness or eye problems. This is one of the popular myths about this act that should be disregarded. Self Gratification doesn't affect the eyes in anyway though it can cause tiredness and soreness of the genitals besides causing psychological problems and distractions.

So stay away from this act not because of fallacious theories but because it can easily become compulsive thus causing difficult to stop behavioural pattern.

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Source: Everyday Health

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