Blockchain which is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency, is a DISTRIBUTED LEDGER COMPANY(DLT) which is a decentralized frame work built upon a ledger of nodes which is responsible for record and organisation of transactions in an incorruptible and encrypted chain of blocks. so here on mjblog we will be reviewing one of the new a growing blockchain crypto which is called CENTIIV(CNT), to know more, continue reading.


CENTIIV(CNT) is a blockchain based project with the lofty aim of connecting Africa to the rest of the world through blockchain. In other to achieve this aim, Centiiv has developed a utility token on BINANCE SMART CHAIN (BSC) to power an ecosystem of technologically driven solutions in different sectors of Nigeria and Africa at large, the use cases of Centiiv are built to satisfy the everyday life of Africans. The actualisation of Centiiv roadmap will help solve major problems facing African around commerce, Transportation and Logistics, Financial Technological Incubation.

Centiiv was birthed in December 2020, the need to get the most out of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency trading was the actual reason Centiiv came to life so in other to push Centiiv forward for mass adoption and wider reach, Centiiv use cases are built to satisfy the everyday life of Africans in the Areas that are being interacted with on a daily basis such as commerce, finance, mobility/logistics and so on. the $CNT is the utility token that will serve as the governance token powering the ecosystem of products. By interacting with the use cases entails using the CNT token for one thing or the other like payments, staking as PROOF OF AUNTHENTICITY(POF) and so on.


centiiv coinCntieiv Pay is the payment platform where users get to carry out seamless transfers of funds across Africa and payment of utility bills also, it is the platform that could allow users earn incomes through its investments and savings feature. Africans can invest in business ventures in Agriculture, Real Estate, Oil and Gas and so on.

Furthermore, the platform will provide credit facilities to traders (you want to buy the dip) Centiiv will give you USDT loans while you use your token as a collateral.


Centiiv marketplace is the peer-to-peer platform where commodity buyers and sellers would get to meet and transact in a safe and secure environment. There would be a smart contract put in place to act as an escrow to facilitate a sure transaction on the platform. also, in other to protect buyers on the platform sellers will not have to stake the $CNT token as a Proof of Authenticity (POA) of their products. this is to avoid “what you ordered vs what you got”.



This is the platform that intends to create Jobs and extra earnings for Africans through a mobility/logistic marketplace there, Individuals who intend use of transportation and logistics business as a means to earn extra income can hire drivers or riders on the platform with 100% transparency and security. For instance, if you are a 9-5 employee or busy business person who needs an extra income, you can give your motorcycle or car to someone for business and get your earnings daily or weekly.


$CNT token can be gotten from DXsale at $0.2 per token, and payments method can be made through:

  • BNB
  • BUSD
  • USDT

Visit www.centiiv.com to get more information on how to purchase


Centiiv Solutions

These are economic issues affecting a significant number of Africans, leveraging on blockchain technology will go a long way in mitigating them.

  1. Seamless Remittance of Funds

Easy remittance of funds across Africa from crypto fiat and vice versa without having to liquidate one’s cryptocurrencies. You also get to enjoy low transaction fees by using the Centiiv Pay app.

  1. Secure Transactions

Leveraging on blockchain technology by using smart contract to create a digital third party (escrow system). This escrow system which would ensure an 100% seamless secure transaction to protect involved parties.

  1. Passive Income

Leveraging on Centiiv’s use cases helps users make passive income without hassle. This is evident in the features of the different use cases in the ecosystem.


  1. Centiiv Market: This is the intended peer to peer eCommerce platform where buyers and sellers would meet to transact and leveraging on the blockchain to ensure a safe and successful transaction/trade. Here, users will be able to make purchase on the platform by spending their Centiiv token from their wallet. Also, the $CNT token would be staked by sellers as a proof of authenticity of the products they are selling, this is to protect the buyer from buying counterfeit products.
  2. Centiiv Mobility: This is the intending platform where we act as a third party to vehicle owners and hired riders. Centiiv Mobility is the platform with the goal of achieving security and transparency for private individuals who are looking to do mobility or logistics as a side business.
  3. Centiiv Pay: This is the intended peer to peer payment system that makes it easy to have access to cash without having to liquidate one’s cryptocurrency. Also, the easy access to funds through seamless transfer across Africa.
  • Centiiv Lend: This is the platform where loans will be provided to crypto traders to enable them maximize the goodness of the crypto world. Here, provision of funds would be made available to experienced traders to trade and pay interests on the loan they get. In return, they use their Centiiv token as a collateral.
  • Centiivest: This is the platform that would allow users invest in selected business ventures in various sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas and so on through strategic partnership with organisations in diverse sectors.
  • Centiiv Insurance: This is the powerful insurance feature being one of the benefits you would enjoy if you are part of the Centiiv ecosystem. Being a holder of the CNT token is a sure way to getting insured against unplanned occurrences.


  1. Centiiv Lab: This would be an innovative lab where individuals in the tech space would be groomed to build products not just for Africa but as well for global consumption.



In Conclusion, after reviewing this blockchain crypto and it features, benefits and possible outcome in future, we consider it as a plain and legit and best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, Although they are new but growing fast. so you can give it a try and also we want you to bookmark our website or touch the blue bell left below your phone screen to subscribe for more update on this blockchain coin and also you can leave your question below about this post or send us a mail or contact the Centiiv management using this contact info below;

Phone: +2348086675592

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.centiiv.com


Get updates about Centiiv’s airdrop and other information by joining their community https://t.me/centiiv


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