On social media, Bobrisky, a well-known and controversial crossdresser, declared that men were created by God to work for women.

This statement sparked a lot of debate and controversy on social media, with some people agreeing and others vehemently disagreeing. Many argued that it was unfair to make such a sweeping generalization about an entire gender, while others pointed out that historically, women have been oppressed and disadvantaged in many ways, and that it was time for men to step up and support gender equality.

Some even went so far as to suggest that men should be required to take on traditionally female roles, such as housekeeping and childcare, in order to level the playing field. Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it’s

He identified himself as a woman and announced that he is now officially a woman rather than a man.

“Men the only reason God created you all is just to come to dis life and work for we women. I’m officially a woman”

Bobrisky recently posted a photo of himself getting pampered at a spa with a woman applying products to his buttocks. Usman Olamilekan expressed concern about the woman seeing Bob’s private parts while doing her job. Bobrisky responded “there’s nothing like that anymore, you can only see thick thighs with a sexy shape and a v,” Bob said.


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