Human Immune Virus is one of the dreaded infections that is often regarded as a death sentence by some individuals. It is actually not death sentence but the stigma and the fact that it's a lifelong disease sends most people's emotion into a tailspin.

But are you aware that it is one of the asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections? It is due to this fact that people refer to HIV as an infection that doesn't show on the faces of the carriers. A person may be positive for this virus and still not know he or she is positive but for how long can the disease go asymptomatic or unnoticed? In this article, we.are going to have a look at how long a person can live without having symptoms even after contracting the virus. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

How Long Can The Virus Go Unnoticed In The Body of A Person?

According To medical Research, HIV can go unnoticed or asymptomatic for a very long time. This period is referred to as clinical latency period and it can even last for as long as 10 years in some individuals. But it is important to note that when HIV is in its latency period, the carrier can still infect more people and the virus during this period keeps destroying the antibodies and the body's defence mechanisms.

When this virus leaves this stage which can last 5 to 10 years, it advances into AIDs. By then, the body's ability to fight infections and viruses have been destroyed totally and as such opportunistic infections would now creep into the body causing damages and even leading to the demise of such a person if care is not taken. So it is for this reason that people are generally advised to always go for HIV test whether you feel any symptom or not.

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Source: Planned Parenthood

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