How To Get Instagram Followers: 5 Proven Methods For Instantly Boosting Your Followers

How To Get Instagram Followers? Everybody wants to get Instagram followers. Whether you are trying to grow a business, promote your blog, or start a new social media marketing strategy, it’s important to have the support of many people. These methods are tried and true for how to get Instagram followers without spamming. With the right balance of strategic posts and quality content, you’ll be able to attract and engage your followers with these five proven methods!

Boost your Instagram game with a Hashtag Strategy

To start attracting people on Instagram, it’s a good idea to tag your posts with relevant hashtags. Just be aware that Instagram doesn’t always give you a better tag for your post, so check ahead before tagging. A popular Instagram hashtag is #ad. In this case, #ad means an advertisement and is not all that creative. However, a highly trending hashtag could help you reach many more people. You can get ideas from other people’s hashtags. For example, check out this post where #InstaBee has become such a popular hashtag that there are thousands of pictures of it. One strategy is to create some themes and to tag them. For example, you can create hashtags around your best posts that include: travel, food, coffee, cute pets, fashion, and so on.

Get More Likes on Your Photos for more Instagram Followers

Likes are the most used measurement of popularity on Instagram. A simple photo with a handful of likes looks the best. However, Instagram isn’t always that simple and it is very easy for the “like” count to be manipulated. With the right tools, it’s easy to get your photos and profile information to come up in searches for Instagram users. You can’t know who will want to follow you unless you know who already follows you. You’ll be able to better target your content to get the maximum amount of likes, and use the results to start collecting more followers. Find Instagram Followers You Don’t Know You Have! Most people already have a sizable amount of followers. When you see them in your search, there is a good chance you can follow them.

Spend Time in the Right Instagram Communities

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is thinking that your followers don’t need your opinion or your input. The truth is that even if you have 10k followers, it’s unlikely that any of them will be actively seeking you out to do something for them. The key is to make sure you are posting on the right groups and making your voice heard. Create Cross-Channel Content Another way to build a following is to create multi-channel content. You should regularly post content on Instagram, your blog, and on Twitter. If you follow the 1-2-3 rule, your content should be engaging enough to draw your followers to other parts of your social media and to the things you’re trying to push, such as your blog, products, and services.

Create Posts That Engage Your Audience

Whether you’re sharing creative ideas for art projects or sharing a cool new travel tip, creating great content and photos will go a long way to drive traffic to your Instagram profile. Use hashtags or the tool that Instagram provides to find relevant hashtags and see what happens! When you click the hashtags, Instagram will show you the top trends in your niche and give you options to either follow or dislike the post. Some of the hashtags will include popular posts on Instagram that have millions of followers, so you don’t want to follow them! Other popular hashtags are different types of animals, or ideas, but these might not make sense for your niche. This is when having experience writing for your niche can really help you out!

Use Social Media Marketing to Create Passive Income

You might think that growing a business on Instagram is an easy task, but the truth is that it’s a lot harder than it seems. This is why these passive income methods are so valuable – they take the “tough” work out of Instagram. All you have to do is share great content to make some extra money, and people will start to follow you to see what you’re up to next! Get An Invitation to Give a Presentation One of the quickest ways to boost Instagram followers is to get on the list of the people that will be attending an event. This can be a paid speaking gig, a sponsored Instagram post, or even some other sort of promotion. Just make sure that you do your research to make sure that your fee is legit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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