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How To Open A Laudry Shop

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I made this post for people who wants to open a laundry shop and be successful at it, have moved around and have seen the poor state of many
laundry shops, poor management and also poor materials even to the extent of leaving their shop tattered, so i will nod my head and say people don’t know hot to succeed in this laundry
business, cause they don’t have the mindset and knowledge of managing a laundry shop, that why customers charge their services as low as a peanut cause of the maintenance
and management of the business.
So this post will be guiding you on how to setup or manage a laundry shop, so as to be successful at it.
There are certain criteria and protocols you need in opening a successful laundry shop, first of all you need to get a very big and wide shop
(Do not share space with anyone ) paint the shop to customers taste not your own taste but customers cause you ain’t impressing yourself but your customers
Buy reliable materials and machines you need in your shop, below are list of materials and machines you need;
1 IRON: This is one of the most essential tool that is needed and makes a laundry shop complete, without your iron your laundry is nothing, so the iron is used for
straightening your customers clothes.
2 IRONING TABLE/TABLE SHEET: The ironing table and sheet(bedsheet or spreadsheet) are also needed to ease and make your ironing smoothed and less stressful, so your table
must be in a good shape to protect yourself and your customer clothes and most especially your spreadsheet must always look clean and smooth cause a customer always
consider that before giving you his property for service, so get a good neat spreadsheet to avoid loss of customers.
3 GENERATOR: Generator is vey useful in this big business, cause when there is no power rom your power source you must have an alternative which is your generator,
so the purpose of this generator is to give yourself power when there is power failure from your power source, so as not to disappoint your customers.
4 WASHING MACHINES: Washing machine is also essential in setting up a laundry shop, cause it saves time, faster and saves energy at least you must have up to3-4 machines
in your laundry shop, i admire my boss where i worked as a laundry man, my boss has up to 5 washing machine, 7 irons and extra washing machine so as not to disappoint himself
and his customers.
5 WASHING EQUIPMENT: this section contains all the necessary equipment that are really needed this includes; hangers, liquid soap, detergent, starch, buckets, scrapper(used when your iron
is stained),brush, sponge, bar soap, whitener(hypo), nylon packager etc. you must have these materials enough and extra so as not disappoint your customers or yourselves
6 OTHER MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT NEEDED: so here, they are not really recommended but to brand your laundry shop and entertain customers when they come to offer service to you
so these are your company logo, flyers, T-shirts, customized leathers and packaging bags, website(click here to contact me for the services), television, decoder, socket,
(compulsory), fuel(compulsory), diesel(compulsory), sound system and so with this extra items you can increase your service fee, cause yours cannot be compared with other
so in conclusion I will advice you to be polite to your customers, neat, careful then you will see your laundry shop will be the talk of the town.
hope this article was helpful?
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