How to recharge my MTN line in Nigeria 2021


   mtn recharge code for 17 digit pin:This blogpost published today is an awareness created for MTN users, concerning the update an done in recharging your MTN line.
So what we will be taling about now is the old code of recharging and new code of recharging
1. The old code of recharging :
Below is the picture of the old code of recharging Your MTN line.

This old code includes the *555*PIN# for example *555*1234567890#, where before you can switch the *555* with *888* to get double of your
recharge, but it no more available cause of the update done


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2. The new code of recharging:
Below is the picture of the new code of recharging your MTN line

This new code includes *3551*PIN# for example *3551*1234567890# which does not support or comes with a bonus recharge.
So the difference between the old code and new code is *555* and *3551*.
I believe with this little information of mine will be helpful to you, In case there is a problem or error on this my blogpost
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