How to Treat Frequent Heartburn


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After enjoying a good meal then you start feeling a burning sensation that can be very painful and uncomfortable. The heartburn with its intense burning sensation spreads up through the chest, then into the back of your throat.

No doubt, heartburn can be super painful if you have experienced it before. However, if it happens regularly, it can negatively affect your life, including how you sleep. According to research, frequent heartburn is when you experience symptoms two or more times a week.

To some people, they wonder what's going on inside but what’s going on? This is it, when you swallow food, it goes through the oesophagus to something called your lower oesophagal sphincter that opens up to let food into your stomach, then closes back up while your stomach is digesting.

Now, a burning sensation happen if tIe sphincter is not working right and opens up when it’s not supposed to, the contents of your stomach can come back up, which can cause various symptoms. Sadly, you have a higher risk for it when you are overweight, obese, have lots of stress, or overeat.

However, there are things you can do to help cool down your heart without taking medicine.

1. Try to identify food that triggers it.

One helpful to prevent heartburn is to identify and know that food that causes a trigger. So, an easy way to diminish heartburn is to avoid food that brings it on. Some food that can trigger the heart is fried, spicy, and fatty food. Others may include onions, citrus, tomatoes, and chocolate.


However, if you are to take any pill, it is recommended to take it in the morning before you start your daily routine.

2. Avoid eating late in the night.

Do you know that the timing of meals can matter just as much as what you eat especially late in the day? It is important to give your stomach time to digest before you lay down. And according to research, it is best to eat three hours before bedtime.

Furthermore, taking a stroll after eating can be very helpful. The study reveals that exercise is very helpful since it helps digestion. The movement increases blood flow, which in turn helps shuttle food through the system.

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In addition, while occasional heartburn may be harmless, having it too frequently can lead to dangerous complications like esophagitis. You should also talk to your doctor immediately.

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