How To Win Back Your Runaway Customers: The Ultimate Guide For Failing Businesses

Customer satisfaction is the key to maintaining a successful business. But it’s not enough to just provide good customer service and have a neat, well-organized store. You should also be proactive in restoring your customers’ trust. If you make one customer unhappy, chances are they will tell 6 people about their experience. And that doesn’t even account for how they would feel if you made them mad in the first place. The question is now: what can you do to minimize and prevent these instances? Well, we have some answers for you! Read on to learn more about how to restore runaway customers, by

Understand why customers leave

Before any of your company’s problems can be addressed, you have to know what’s going on in the minds of your customers. Once you have identified why your customer left, you can make some positive changes. Most customers leave because of reasons such as: They don’t have enough funds They prefer to purchase a certain product, but you don’t have it in stock They were forced to purchase a different product If you don’t understand why your customers are leaving, it will be difficult for you to know where to go next. Before you can make any modifications. So if you’re responsible for preventing future customer outbursts. However, you can find out why customers are leaving in the first place.

Learn how to prevent customer loss

If you are like most retail businesses, you have probably had to deal with the loss of one or more customers. Your revenue goes down, your clients feel angry, and you may lose your spot as their favorite retailer. The problem is, people can make this whole process much more difficult than it needs to be. They can be extremely confrontational and obnoxious and not act like they’re even being serious when they give you an earful. To prevent customer loss, it is important to make it easy for people to go back to you. While you do need to provide them with free shipping and a speedy return, you can’t give them too much reason to keep coming back.

Create a customer retention plan

A customer retention plan is an attempt to make your customers feel as though they’re part of the family. The goal is to keep them happy, whether or not they’re your customers for life. It’s critical to keep customers happy in order to drive repeat business. How do you do that? By educating them about all the reasons why they should return and give you another chance. Let customers know when they’ve found the best deals or that their question has been answered. Make sure they know that you’re only a phone call away. Be persistent and happy to see customers returning. One customer who stopped in after a while had a to do list the entire time she was in the store. If you had left it at that, she’d have assumed that she was done with you.

Contacting your runaway customers

So, you’ve tried and failed to get back your customer but they are still not talking to you. Is there anything you can do about that? Unfortunately, if they are still avoiding you, the answer is no, there isn’t. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. You should contact them anyway, and try to talk to them about why they are not talking to you. However, be prepared for them to be angry with you, as you can probably imagine. Here’s what you can do, depending on how long the customer has been absent from your store. Call them and simply ask, “How have you been?” Wait a few minutes and then follow up by asking, “How are you doing now?” If the customer hangs up on you, and they almost always do, then you know your customer has changed their mind about your store.

How to win back your runaway customers

MyOnei Customers don’t like change. And I mean that in a good way. That’s why one of the most important steps you can take to regain the trust of your runaway customers is to recognize that they actually mean it when they say they’re unhappy. Over the past few years, I’ve worked with a number of small businesses that started with amazing customer service and just got complacent. With years of good experiences behind them, they believed that customers were always happy, so they started to take things for granted. I’ve even seen stores that used the same bland decor, boring colors, and general lack of a sense of personality year after year after year. Now customers expect that, so eventually they were just really ticked when it wasn’t there anymore.

Offer a freebie

Your first defense against rogue customers is to give them a little something in exchange for their loyalty. A survey by OnePoll asked customers if they would take back a business if the product or service were no longer available. The results were dramatic: 31% of shoppers would take back their business and 27% would take back their investment if their initial impression of a company was less than favorable. But giving a customer a freebie doesn’t always work. Because the freebie is being given as a reward for staying loyal, customers often only respond to the idea of a freebie if they’ve already acquired it. If a customer sees their product or service goes up in price, however, a few words of customer service or an offer for a freebie might be enough to reinvigorate the relationship.

Promise you won’t make them mad

As soon as you gain their trust, establish a reputation for being trustworthy. After all, trust is the basis of any relationship and the foundation of your customer base. Your relationship with your customers is unique. That’s why you should always be held accountable when your company makes mistakes. Good customer service includes the following. Always be honest, forthright and transparent in your dealings. Don’t hide behind excuses and cheap marketing ploys. You may believe that customers don’t care, but that is not true. Be honest, forthright and transparent in your dealings. Always be honest, forthright and transparent in your dealings. Tell your customers exactly what you intend to do about the problem. Tell your customers exactly what you intend to do about the problem.

Make it personal

The first and foremost thing to do is to make your customers feel more welcome. Some people prefer to be treated as one of the guys, whereas others want their experience to feel completely like a spa experience. Even though they are your customers, they are not your friends. So it’s important to make sure they are treated as such. If that means making small jokes about how some products “need an asshole,” do it. This will help them loosen up and laugh along with you. This will help them feel comfortable and allow you to form a better bond with them. And chances are that when they leave your store, they will tell all of their friends about their great experience.

Do what the customer wants

Why do customers have to assume that every aspect of their lives are the responsibility of your business? Don’t they get that you’re in business for them, and not vice versa? Being a shopkeeper and a business owner is extremely stressful. Why do they have to be the ones who are responsible for all the stress, too? Stop being a gatekeeper. Your customers can do whatever they want in the store, provided they don’t violate the rights of others. Don’t assume that they’ll feel guilty about having loud parties outside your store at 3am, that they’ll feel guilty about whatever rude comment they’ll make about you, or that they’ll feel guilty about visiting the Internet, when you’re trying to rest or have a meal.


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