A Man identified as Moses Gibson has Undergone Height Lengthening Surgery To Grow Taller so as to meet the spec of his crush.

Moses Gibson who hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States acquired leg surgery to add five inches to his height after struggling to deploy his advances to women due to self-doubt about his stature.

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According to him, he disclosed that had been doubtful about his height since he was 15 years old after having to witness other boys of his age grow while he remained at the same height.

While the pressure swerved deep in him, he tried medications and even swerved spiritually but still didn’t yield any result.

He eventually decided to portray surgery to increase his height where his dark phase began.

Detailing his struggles with height, he opined:

“I’ve struggled with my height. Even when I was in high school, I was always unhappy with my height.”

“When I was like 15, I realised most of my peers were taller than me. It started getting to me gradually.”

After learning about a protocol that could extend his legs, he doubled his working hours to save enough money for the surgery during college.

He worked as a software engineer during the day and as an Uber driver at night for whopping three years. After he gathered enough money, he underwent surgery and added three inches to his height in 2016.

However, seven years later he acquired a second round and has now reformed to using a height-lengthening device.

According to several sources, Doctors broke Gibson’s tibia and fibula bones and inserted magnetic, limb-lengthening nails into them.

He is now entitled to using a height-lengthening device three times per day, pulling the cut bones apart one millimetre at a time.

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