An Airdrop is like a platform whereby when a new crypto blockchain is dropped it has to give out free coin to gain more users or crypto users, and also gain visibility.


If you are serious and work hard in performing the task the airdrop is asking from you , you can make a hell from the airdrop ranking from $500 and above.

Before I proceed before you can join an airdrop you have to download a telegram app here

So here in this post I want to introduce you to this new airdrop, it is not a scam it is legit and advisable to join now that it is newly formed it is called OWEgg Airdrop look below ?

What is OWE?

OWE is decentralized exchange and NFT creation and development asset.


OWE purpose:

The OWEGG team is the team that will submit the NFT ducks to your vote and develop the NFT ducks.


OWE asset wants to offer you all the conveniences of blockchain. NFT projects can increase the profit rate of their investors to very high levels. The OWE asset also gives it’s users the opportunity to earn a share of these high revenues.


NFT ducks with 100% rarity that we have created will be added to our site on November 5th. Which duck is for farmingIt will be determined by voting. Each user will pay 10 OWE tokens to determine the votes.

-Voting will be updated instantly for everyone to see.

-At the end of the voting, approximately 1.5 Eggs from the duck used for farming will arrive each month, and will be distributed daily among the OWE holders.


?โ€?For more information



Telegram channel

To join this airdrop and get free OWEgg coin click on this link ?ย  click here to earn

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