Cataract is one of the serious eye diseases that often develop when fatty deposits starts clouding a person's eyes. This clouding of the eyes if not attended to can cause total loss of vision, and it is most common amongst older people. Cataract is one of the reasons why older people are advised to always for eye checkup as they start growing older.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs of cataract in it's early stages and when you should see a doctor. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something very vital or important for your own vision.

What Are The Signs Of Cataract In it's early stages?

1. Sudden Blurry Vision or Clouded Vision; when you start having sudden blurriness of vision or start seeing things as if you are looking through a frosty window, you should consider going for eye examination as this is one of the early signs of cataract.

2. Seeing Halos Around Lights; this is one of the emergency eye signs or symptoms that mean something serious could be wrong. If you start seeing rainbow colour around lights, there is something definitely wrong with your eyes and the earlier you get checked, the better for you. This is actually an emergency.

3. Yellowing of Colours; if you start seeing literally every colour to be more yellowish than normal, it could also be a sign of cataract development. Yellowing of things or colours is a sign that you may be developing cataract and the earlier you get checked, the better for you.

4. More Sensitivity to Light; it is normal for the eyes to be sensitive to light or bright light. But if you start having a more advanced level of sensitivity, it could also mean a sign of cataract.

5. Frequent Changes In Eye Glasses; this is a sign that your issue is not just a problem of nearsightedness but more serious eye disease.

6. Need For Brighter Light for Reading or Performing Other activities; cataract clouds the lens, causing a significant reduction in the sharpness of a person's eyes. If you notice that you're unusually needing more brighter light to see things you used to see without much assistance, you should consider seeing an eye doctor.

When Should You See An Eye Doctor?

The eyes are very delicate and Cataract is a very serious eye disease. So you should not take it lightly. Once you start having unusual eye problems or visual disturbances similar to the aforementioned, then you should see an eye doctor for proper examination.

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Source: Mayo Clinic

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