Water is an essential substance that is good for the human body, as greater percentage of the body content is water. This article is focused on the need to drink water while eating our meals.

It is good to drink water while eating because during digestion, foods get broken down within the body so that the nutrients can be absorbed in the blood stream. This is to let us know that taking in fluids while eating offers great benefits to the body.


Digestion starts from the mouth immediately we start chewing food. This chewing of food sends signal to the salivary glands to start producing saliva which contains enzymes that helps in breaking down food in the body.

In the stomach, the food mix with acidic gastric juice to produce Chyme which is a thick liquid that also helps in digestion. This further breaks down the food to get nutrients that will be absorbed by the different parts of the body including the blood stream. The unabsorbed materials are the end products of digestion and will be passed out as excreter.

For this functions to be complete, water has to be taken while eating for easy digestive process.


Water helps to break down chunks of food making it possible for them to slide down into the stomach through the esophagus. The proper functioning of the enzymes depends greatly on water intake.

According to experts, drinking water while eating speeds up the metabolism rate, though many argue that drinking water in between meals disrupts the activities of enzymes.

An individual will have to check if drinking water while eating is good for his body or not. If you feel stomach pains, bloated stomach, reflux acid, etc while eating and drinking water, then the water should be suspended till hours after eating meals.

Other concerns should be discussed with a medical Doctor for proper guidance.


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